It's a smart smart World

Nick Kristoff's great article on "getting smarter" over time. Investing in the health AND the education of the most vulnerable has measurable rewards.

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Include the library in planning your pregnancy program

Want to build a great pregnancy program - include the library in your planning process! Libraries are a good value but have lousy marketing according to Pew Research study. Read more about this at LisaNews

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So your mom dropped out of high school.

So your mom dropped out of high school. She was pregnant, she hated going to school anyway, and her parents didn't really think it mattered if she stayed or went. Guess what...before you are even born we can predict that you are more likely to drop out of high school than your classmates. We help moms break the cycle before the baby is born. Join us. Read more about the top reasons American students drop out of high school at The Huffington Post

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The What To Expect Foundation opens a branch in Monrovia, Liberia.

The What To Expect Foundation opens a branch in Monrovia, Liberia. The Baby Basics Program for pregnant moms goes global! - with Moses Kawula.

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Bangladesh, putting all opinions on hold for now.

ARE female leaders better for the world’s women? It would be nice to think that women who achieve power would want to help women at the bottom. But one continuing global drama underscores that women in power can be every bit as contemptible as men... read more about this in the New York Times

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Hello from Monrovia

Hello from Monrovia, Liberia where we are launching Baby Basics Africa! For those interested, Liberia was the African country created by the US to 'repatriate" the slaves after the Civil War. Their flag looks like ours but with a single star. Liberia is famouus today as the war-ravaged country formerly led by Charles Taylor, who was indicted 2 weeks ago for war crimes.

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